Nordic Chem 2.0

Nordic Chem 2.0 is a coating formulation that is not only backed up by comprehensive laboratory tests and certifications from over 20 countries as a highly effective antimicrobial coating, but now also visually enhances and protects the surface it is applied to. Nordic Chem 2.0 transforms any substrate into a more vibrant surface that feels cleaner to touch and smoother to feel, without changing the intended colour or texture.

Customers, employees and anyone that comes into contact with a treated surface will surely notice the enhanced effect and come to understand what a clean and hygienic surface should look and feel like.

The implications of this product are endless as it ensures a more hygienic surface from a scientific pathogen scale while also going a long way to providing comfort and peace of mind to people from an aesthetic perspective.

Protect your premises, furnitures and equipments now with Nordic Chem 2.0!



Textile is the most porous substrate that you will be faced with in a commercial environment. The results on textile are remarkable, due to the way the product bonds itself to each fibre. Contaminates will repel from fibres and remain superficially on the surface. This effect allows for quick and easy cleaning due to the prevention of contamination penetrating the full length of the fibre.

* Entire Surface Treated


Interior wooden substrates such as tables and chairs are high touch point surfaces and therefore carry the most contamination. Ensuring these surfaces stay clean and hygienic is important to the overall health of a building. Esthetic appeal is also very important on high touch surfaces as people view these areas the most. Crystöl will restore and enhance the visual appeal and provide a clean smooth surface to the touch which results in increased occupant well-being and confidence.

* Untreated | Treated



Plastic and laminated surfaces such as keyboards and electronics gather and absorb grime grease and dust at an accelerated rate. The antistat properties of the coating ensures application on electronics is safe and effective. Crystöl prevents plastics from fading, discoloration and contamination.


Tile is in a similar category to brick in terms of its vulnerabilities. Tiles however have a smoother finish to the surface and therefore are more susceptible to water marking and discoloring. The antimicrobial protection provided by our coating is especially important in these applications as it prevents mold, limescale and odor.

* Untreated | Treated


Stone in many cases is a very porous substrate which can be made up of composites that range in hardness. It can chip and erode very easily as water and other contaminants absorb into the material. Nordic Chem 2.0 has been designed to bond composites and varying material types together on a nanoscale to increase durability and contaminate prevention.

* Treated | Untreated


Glass can be an especially difficult surface to maintain due to its reflective qualities and is normally installed in hard to reach areas of commercial buildings. Nordic Chem 2.0 Exalt, will fill the nanoscopic pores in glass to ensure a smooth and slick surface that repels dirt, water and grime. This results in the glass having extreme self-cleaning properties which means less cleaning and maintenance is required.

* Treated | Untreated

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