Antimicrobial additive

A versatile antimicrobial additive suitable for almost any material or liquid

Nordic Chem Antimicrobial surface protection can be used as an additive to the manufacturing process of many materials and solutions.

The additive does not affect the appearance of the product it is being implemented with and provides the following benefits: Antiviral, Antibacterial, Anti-mold, Anti-fungal, Anti-odor, Bacterial and Viral Mutation Prevention, Odorless, Non-corrosive, Attraction and piercing of negatively charged pathogens.

The additive has already been successfully implemented within automotive coatings, signage, and the textile industry.

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Suitable for implementation into the following industries

Textile antimicrobial application


Automotive antimicrobial application


Furniture antimicrobial application


Interior Signs antimicrobial coating

Interior Signs

Medical Equipment antimicrobial application

Medical Equipment

Construction antimicrobial application


Paints antimicrobial application


Ceramic antimicrobial application


Glass antimicrobial application


Get that edge on your competitors!

Nordic Chem’s will guide any business or brand through the process of including our antimicrobial into your product. We will be involved every step of the way, whether it be research and development, the implementation process or the testing certification. You can be sure, your organisation can expect the product and the service at Nordic Chem meet the highest of expectations.