A unique testing solution on the market

At the point of application the installers place testing stickers in discrete areas or in visible areas of the surfaces being coated. One of the stickers will be coated and the other sticker is left untreated. The installer will return to your premises every 15/30 days (to be discussed with the professional applicator) with a testing solution that tests for the activity of the presence of a biocide on the surfaces.

Nordic Chem Testing Kit

This is done in the presence of your business representative. The testing solution will be applied to both stickers and on the sticker that has been coated, the solution should stain the surface. On the untreated side, the solution should not stain the surface.

The testing solution will stain a surface if our Antimicrobial Coating is still present and active on the surface. This is due to the testing solution bonding with our Antimicrobial Coating.The testing kit provides the customer with reassurance that the coating is still active on the surface and continuously terminating bacteria and viruses that come in contact with the treated surface.

Returning to business one step ahead!

Nordic Chem’s focus is to restore businesses to normal operation and profitability. We not only supply the most advanced technology for the long-term protection of your premises but also help businesses demonstrate their initiative. The coating and initiative is applied by trained professionals and our team at HQ is ready and willing to adapt and fulfill the needs of each business.