Nordic Chem E-Spray

The Nordic Chem E-Sprayer is a professional gun sprayer that uses the principle of electrostatic induction to distribute disinfectant solutions effectively and uniformly on surfaces. Through the electrostatic charge the drops are attracted by the 3D object, wrapping around the object evenly.

Nordic Chem E-Sprayer
Specification Value
Theoretical Productivity 3500 sqm/hr
Tank Capacity 1 Ltr
Nozzle Shape Full cone
Particle Size 20/40/80/100 μm
Flow Rate 32/45/77/138 ml/min
Tank Run Time 31/22/12/8 mins
Battery Run Time 3 hrs
Power Supply 18V Li-ion Battery
Solution Pump 20 W
Dimensions (LxWxH) 41 x 9.5 x 28 cm

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