Nordic Chem BMg 56

BMg 56 Disinfector allows you to mechanise the sensitisation and carry out the operation simultaneously with the cleaning intervention. There is no need to add shifts and personnel: A single operator on BMg Disinfector can clean and sanitise in one step, drastically reducing time and costs. The operation becomes so quick and easy that it can be performed several times during the same day.

Nordic Chem BMg 56
Specification Value
Productivity theoretical 2270 up to sqm/h
Working width 560 mm
Pressure on the brush (min - max) 30/50
Solution tank 51 L
Recovery tank 55 L
Supply/Traction 24 / aut
Battery Run Time up to 2.6 hrs
Machine dimensions (lxhxw) 1285 x 1189 x 641 mm
Squeegee width 785 mm
Dimensions (LxWxH) 41 x 9.5 x 28 cm
GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) 375 Kg
Acoustic level (ISO 11201) <70 dB

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